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We all have times when we experience a barrage of anxious thoughts, days when we need to be reminded to take it one day at at time. It's not always easy to think of ways that can ease our mind when we are feeling overwhelmed. Sometimes we need a little help… and that’s why we’ve pulled together a set of 14 affimration cards to remind you to take it 'One Day at a Time'.

What's included?
1 pack of 14 Cards
Each card is 7x10 cm, 300 gsm and matt laminated so they will last very long


'One Day at a Time'- Affirmation Card Pack

  • 50% of the proceeds from this box go towards Covid Relief fund.

    Contains :

    1x Vedic Brew pouch of 10 caffeine free herbal teas
    1x Sheet Face Mask
    2x Road to Recovery - Covid tracker
    1x'One Day at a Time' pack of 14 affirmation cards
    3x Adult Coloring pages with a small pack of sketch pens
    1x List of Feel-good movies both Indian and International
    1x Sudoku booklet includes 16 easy and medium level puzzles with solutions
    1x 3 ply surgical mask
    1 x 50 ml hand sanitizer (alcohol based)

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